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Andalusia activates a new service to store more than 17 million documents in the cloud

February 28, 2023
Andalusia activates a new service to store more than 17 million documents in the cloud

The Department of Tourism, Culture, and Sport of the Government of Andalusia, through the Directorate General for Documentary and Bibliographic Heritage, has begun contracting a cloud storage service, with an initial capacity of 25 Terabytes, for the documents of Andalusia’s documentary heritage which are conserved and digitised in the archives managed by the Department and which will be accessible and searchable by the public through the @rchivAWeb portal.

This completes the service currently offered on this portal, providing the image of the documents and facilitating their direct consultation and downloading. This storage service will therefore allow users not only to consult and view documents but also to download images and records of interest to them.

With this measure, as explained by the Regional Minister for Tourism, Culture, and Sport, Arturo Bernal, a further step is taken in the Regional Ministry’s digitalisation strategy, “in its interest in providing citizens with personalised and easy-to-use digital public services, both for cultural and educational purposes and for researchers”. In short, Bernal added, the aim is to facilitate access to Andalusia’s extensive documentary heritage with the best possible quality.

In addition, this new service responds to the demand from users of the @rchivAWeb dissemination portal, used especially for research, which has seen its number of registered users increase by 241% in the last two years, and the number of service requests by 1,260%.

With this initiative, through the @rchivAWeb portal, interoperability will also be achieved with other portals for the dissemination of archive documents, whether national such as Hispania or international such as the European Archives Portal, to comply with the digital obligations and services that must be provided by the Public Administrations.

This portal for the dissemination of the @rchivA Information System of the Regional Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sport is equipped with a powerful search engine, ElasticSearch, fast and with high indexing power, which allows a satisfactory consultation experience for access to these documents.