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Andalusia and Jerez will have Olympic representation in Tokyo

March 27, 2021
Andalusia and Jerez will have Olympic representation in Tokyo

Jerez sport will be represented at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, which will be held this summer due to the World Pandemic, in the figure of the CTM Belcom Jerez player, Anastassiya Lavrova. The Kazakh player has thanked CTM Jerez for her Olympic qualification. She will defend her country in the individual table tennis draw in Tokyo.

The Kazakh paddler of the Jerez club, Anastassiya Lavrova, has thanked “all the members of CTM Belcón Jerez” for having “given her the opportunity” to qualify for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, an achievement she reached last Tuesday by beating Uzbekistan’s Markhabo Magdieva (4-2) in the final of the pre-Olympic Games in Doha.

“I thank all the people at my club for their support. Thanks to them I will be able to defend my country in Tokyo,” said Lavrova a few minutes after making it into the women’s singles draw of the Olympic competition. The Asian athlete admitted that “it was not easy to play with the emotional state” involved in deciding qualification for the Games and “finishing with a victorious result”, and that is why she is “happy”, as she is going to fulfil the dream of “being among the best in the best competition”.

To be in good shape for Tokyo, Anastassiya Lavrova now plans to “play well in the Primera Nacional” with the aim of the Jerez team “being promoted to the Spanish top-flight”, as she feels “very comfortable” in the Andalusian city and in a team that has “a good atmosphere and is like a big family”.