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Andalusian decorative ceramics gaining presence in the USA

May 7, 2021
Andalusian decorative ceramics gaining presence in the USA

Extenda has organised a new promotional campaign in the United States aimed at encouraging the purchase of decorative ceramics from Andalusia in this market. It has done so with a multichannel marketing campaign online and in points of sale in the firm “Old Time Pottery”, a retail chain of household products reference in North America, to disseminate and promote the Andalusia brand among consumers of this industry in the market, which is in force since April and during May.

“Old Time Pottery”, originally from Tennessee, has a total of 39 giant shops in eleven states in the United States (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina, and South Carolina). It currently offers an industry-leading selection of home décor, kitchen, and textile products. The choice of this chain is based on its extensive presence in Florida and Georgia, market areas of high interest for the Andalusian sector.

This reinforces the dissemination of Andalusian ceramic products and their image in the US market, which in 2020 accumulated more than 71% of Andalusian exports of this industry, with an increase of 21.2% to €3.4 million.

This campaign is taking advantage of the new international situation that has arisen following the health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has generated a wave of public opinion in the United States that is much more appreciative of products from the European Union, as opposed to products produced in Southeast Asia or China.