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Andalusia has 189 entities with research activity and capacity in AI

October 30, 2021
Andalusia has 189 entities with research activity and capacity in AI

The Regional Ministry of Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities has identified up to 189 entities with activity and research capacity in Artificial Intelligence (AI), of which 110 are companies, 56 belong to the Andalusian knowledge system and 23 are scientific and technological infrastructures. This is the result of the report ‘Identification of Andalusian capabilities in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI)’, promoted by the Regional Government and in which the Andalusian Technological Corporation and the Andalusian Institute for Research in Data Science and Computational Intelligence (DaSCI) have participated.

According to the study, Andalusia has top-level companies and researchers and has facilities and infrastructures ready to host testing and experimentation projects for Artificial Intelligence applications for any productive sector. Furthermore, the report is a reference tool for the technological ecosystem because it indicates where and how to use this technology to increase its benefits and competitive advantages.

The Andalusian map of AI capabilities shows that ICT, biotechnology and health, industry and production processes, agri-food, public administration, logistics and transport, aerospace, and retail are the sectors with the greatest opportunities for the application of AI-related technologies in Andalusia. Predictive analytics, machine learning, and data science are the AI areas with the highest level of implementation in Andalusian companies.

According to the conclusions of the report, the 110 companies that make up this map are committed to R&D as a lever to innovate and be more competitive in their sectors, and more than half of them have products or services in a commercial state ready to be transferred to the market, a highly significant fact for the expansion of these technologies in the Andalusian productive fabric.

In the scientific-technical field, which includes universities and research groups, R&D centres, technology centres, and Digital Innovation Centres (DIH), the study highlights that 93% of the entities that make up the Andalusian knowledge system have capabilities in Machine Learning or Deep Learning, two of the most promising branches of Artificial Intelligence.

The analysis also diversifies its focus and identifies the main trends that are determining the growth of this technology, present and future market opportunities, and others such as public and private funding sources, of special interest to entities that carry out R&D&I projects in this field.

It is a key technology for an Andalusian ICT sector which, during the second quarter, obtained a year-on-year growth in employment of 12.9%, having far exceeded the volume of employment of the pre-crisis years.