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Andalusia participates in Aerospace & Defense Supplier Summit 2021

April 1, 2021
Andalusia participates in Aerospace & Defense Supplier Summit 2021

Extenda has organised the group participation of the Andalusian aeronautical industry in the fifth edition of the Aerospace & Defense Supplier Summit 2021, the most important summit of aerospace and defence suppliers in the United States, which was held in digital format from 15 to 17 March. Thus, this sector, which is strategic in our community, has exposed its offer of quality and competitiveness among prominent importers of the North American country, which is currently positioned as a world leader and aeronautical and space benchmark.

Aerospace & Defense Supplier Summit Seattle is the most important aerospace and defence supplier summit in the USA, with 800 participating companies, more than 10,000 B2B meetings and a total of 35 countries represented in the last edition held in 2019. Is an event focused on all firms involved in the supply chain, bringing together the main suppliers and contractors, including Boeing’s more than 100 contractors. As a result of the economic crisis derived from the COVID 19 pandemic, the show has transformed its edition into a digital event with scheduled meetings and has registered high participation of international software and technological solutions companies in the sector, as well as those focused on the development of applications with the use of artificial intelligence and big data processing.

The Andalusian delegation that participated in Aerospace & Defence Supplier Summit 2021 was made up of eight participating companies, of which six of them are from the province of Seville (Aerosm, Aerotecnic Metallic, Airgrup, Grupo Gazc, Indaero and Umi Aeronáutica). Of the remaining two, one comes from the province of Malaga, MADES, and the other from the province of Jaen, Meltio.

This Extenda action will be co-financed with funds from the European Union through the Andalusian ERDF Programme 2014-2020, with a Community contribution of 80%, or any other European Programme that may co-finance this action.

Andalusia’s aeronautical exports reached 1,811 million euros last year 2020, registering a trade surplus of 596 million euros and a coverage rate of 149%, despite the logical decrease recorded concerning the previous year, of 29%, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in this sector. Moreover, it remained the second largest exporter in this industry with 34% of the national total, only surpassed by the Community of Madrid, which registered 47%.

Seville was the Andalusian province that accounted for the largest share of Andalusian exports, with 1,786 million euros and 98.6% of the Andalusian total, followed by Almeria, with 12 million euros and 0.7%, and Cadiz, with 10 million euros and 0.6%.

The main destinations for Andalusian aeronautics last year were Germany, which imported 600 million euros and 33% of the total; France, with 424 million and 23% of the total; Belgium, with 145 million and 8%, which multiplied its demand by 26; and, in fourth place, the first non-EU destination, the United States, with 136 million and 7.5%; followed in fifth place by Luxembourg, with 132 million and 7.3%, which recorded the second-highest growth of the year, multiplying its imports by 950 compared to the previous year.