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Andalusia sends a consignment of 83,320 units of medicines to Ukraine

April 23, 2022
Andalusia sends a consignment of 83,320 units of medicines to Ukraine

This month, the Regional Ministry of Health and Families sent a shipment of 83,320 units and 7,200 kilos of medicines to Ukraine. The total amount of this donation is estimated at 218,035.37 euros. This consignment of medicines will be sent through the Ministry of Health of the Spanish Government to meet the health needs of this war zone.

In the words of the Regional Minister, Jesús Aguirre, who announced the departure of this shipment: “Andalusia shows solidarity and is there when it is needed, but in this case, this shipment of medicines has been organised by the SAS in compliance with the Ministry’s request and guaranteeing their quality standards”.

The Government of Andalusia has therefore proceeded to organise a collection of medicines in the fastest and most operative way possible, contacting the Hospital Pharmacy Services in Seville directly. These services were sent a list of medicines that the Ministry of Health has considered to be essential for attending to the refugee population. It is quite an extensive list, which includes more than 200 active ingredients in different dosages, alone or in combination. These include antibiotics, anti-tuberculosis drugs, HIV drugs, analgesics, anaesthetics, proton pump inhibitors, electrolyte solutions for parenteral administration, injectable magnesium sulphate, anaemic vasopressors, and antihaemorrhagics.

Following the instructions of the World Health Organisation (WHO), these donated medicines have the same guarantees of quality, safety, and efficacy as those marketed in Andalusia. For this reason, the medicines come from a controlled supply channel which guarantees that the rules of correct distribution are complied with and, therefore, the quality of the products.