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Andalusia showcases the excellence of its agri-food products at the 36th edition of Salón Gourmets

April 15, 2023
Andalusia showcases the excellence of its agri-food products at the 36th edition of Salón Gourmets

The ‘Espacio Andalucía’, which is managed by the Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development, brings together 160 Andalusian organisations at the 36th edition of the International Quality Food and Drink Fair (Salón Gourmets). This international event, which is being held from 17 to 20 April at the Madrid exhibition centre (Ifema), is one of the most prestigious and important events in Europe for this sector and will be held in 2023. In total, 365 participants from Andalusia are attending the show, as the entities accompanying the Junta are joined by others who are attending independently.

The objective pursued by the Regional Government with the coordination of the presence of Andalusian entities at the Salón Gourmets 2023 is to strengthen the competitiveness of the agricultural, livestock, fishing, and agro-industrial sectors of Andalusia, as well as the internationalisation of the companies of this territory. To this end, it is committed to disseminating information on the diversity of its agri-food and fishery products and highlighting their differentiated quality linked to their origin, their sustainable production methods, and their identification in the market.

In this respect, the Junta de Andalucía’s exhibition space, located in Pavilion 5 of Ifema and covering more than 2,100 m² this year, will serve as a showcase to show the world the excellence of the products that form the basis of our gastronomy.

Andalusia’s participation will occupy 11.3% of the net exhibition area of the entire fair, making it, together with Castilla y León, one of the two regions with the largest space at Salón Gourmets 2023. For the organisation of the presence of Andalusian entities, the Regional Ministry of Agriculture is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

In terms of the firms and institutions present at the event, the total number of Andalusian entities will account for around 18% of the total number of entities present at the 36th edition of this international fair for top-of-the-range products. Compared to the previous year, the number of Andalusian entities attending the Salón Gourmets under the umbrella of the Regional Government in 2023 reflects an increase of 22%, as in 2022 a total of 131 co-exhibitors attended the event together with the Andalusian Government.

The ‘Espacio Andalucía’ is presented in 2023 as a reference point for the promotion of the diversity, innovation, and quality of the agri-food and fisheries sector in this region. To this end, during the four days of the fair, there will be a programme of activities aimed at highlighting the flavour, richness, and excellence of Andalusian foodstuffs through the ‘Gusto del Sur’ (Taste of the South) brand. These promotional activities will also aim to showcase Andalusia’s leading role in the Spanish agri-food sector.

Among other actions, the activities planned by the Andalusian organisations include live cooking demonstrations, tastings, and food and wine pairings, with the participation of quality designations, regional councils, and Andalusian companies from a wide variety of sectors. Andalusia’s agri-food exports grew by 13.5% in 2022 compared to the previous year. This figure means that the Andalusian Autonomous Community is above the country’s average growth rate of 12.6%. 2022 was a record year for the region, with international food and beverage sales exceeding 14,000 million euros.

With these figures as a reference, it is clear that the Salón Gourmets is an important business opportunity for Andalusian companies, which expect to receive more than 100,000 visitors at this 36th edition. This fair has become the best showcase for top-of-the-range gastronomy products in Spain, the leading event for gourmet products in Europe, and one of the most renowned in its sector in the world.