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The Andalusian ICT sector records 9.8% growth in the first half of the year

October 14, 2021
The Andalusian ICT sector records 9.8% growth in the first half of the year

The Minister for Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities of the Government of Andalusia, Rogelio Velasco, recently highlighted the growing trend in ICT activities in Andalusia, with an increase of 9.8% and a 7.6% growth in the number of companies registered with the Social Security in the first half of this year.

Velasco explained that this positive evolution is also reflected in job creation, which was 12.9% in the second quarter, far exceeding the volume of employment in the pre-crisis years, which translates into 7,124 more workers than in the same period of 2019.

Technology is leading the way for companies in a very changing context, in which new jobs disappear and new jobs are created depending on very diverse factors. Among them, he points out the need for technological evolution, demographic variations, globalisation, climate change, the economic context or the effects of the pandemic. In his opinion, this reality will mean that the jobs created in the coming years will undergo “major transformations in terms of their content and the skills required to carry them out”.

In the coming years, the greatest job opportunities will be concentrated in technological environments and emerging sectors such as renewable energies, health, personal care, and culture. About technological and digital areas, he explained that the technologies with the greatest growth in demand in the short and medium term include the Internet of Things and interconnection of devices; encryption and cybersecurity; artificial intelligence; digital training; and industrial robots and drones.

In addition to multiple actions to support startups, Velasco has alluded to the simplification and review of administrative obstacles that the Andalusian government is carrying out to promote economic activity and contribute to the launch and development of new business projects.