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Andalusian exports surplus of €481 million in latest figures

April 15, 2021
Andalusian exports surplus of €481 million in latest figures

Andalusia’s exports reached 2,534 million euros last February, resulting in a positive trade balance of 481 million euros, as a result of the difference with the 2,053 million euros it imported. This trade surplus is a record for this month, quadrupling the one recorded in February 2020, of 117 million, and which contrasts with the deficit of Spain as a whole, of 1,082 million.

In February, the Andalusian foreign sector showed clear signs of recovery in international markets and performed better than the national average, according to Extenda data. If only non-energy exports are analysed, excluding the chapter on fuels and mineral oils, sales grew by 4.7% compared to February 2020.

Imports, meanwhile, fell by 16.3% to 2,053 million, allowing Andalusia to post a surplus of 481 million in February.

Five Andalusian provinces increased their exports in February, two of them with double figures. Also, six achieved surpluses in their foreign trade balance; all except Cadiz and Huelva, conditioned by energy imports and port activity.