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Andalusia further simplifies bureaucracy to attract investment

September 2, 2021
Andalusia further simplifies bureaucracy to attract investment

The president of the Government of Andalusia, Juanma Moreno, has announced that his government will take a new administrative simplification package to the Andalusian parliament in the session that is beginning, which, together with those already underway, will continue to reduce obstacles for all those investors who want to produce and create jobs in the autonomous region. “The Andalusian Administration has an excessive bureaucratic burden that limits, prevents, and delays many investments and projects. We must make an enormous effort to remove these obstacles,” he said.

According to Moreno, Andalusia is prepared to face new challenges due to its technological capacity, its exporting power, and the talent to undertake successful projects, generate stable employment, growth, development, and progress. “My commitment is that all this flow so that Andalusia is the great engine of economic recovery and Almeria is the cornerstone of that recovery.

In this sense, he said he was proud to have many companies in the autonomous region with innovative projection and mentality and with committed professionals. With them, he continued, the “Andalusian model” has been built. “We have gone through very difficult times and many companies have been affected by the pandemic, but Andalusia works is open and is standing out. We have the capacity, the potential and the determination of the Government to become the economic locomotive of Spain in the medium term”.

The quarter-on-quarter data for regional GDP (April to June) show that Andalusia leads growth in the country as a whole -3.6% compared to 2.8% in Spain-. It is, for the first time, the region with the most self-employed in Spain, surpassing Catalonia in the creation of companies and employment -the highest figure since 2008-. Moreover, Andalusia increased its exports 5 points above the national average and business confidence grew more than in the country as a whole -13.3% in Andalusia, 12.3% in Spain-. Likewise, the year-on-year turnover of the Andalusian industry is 17 points above the Spanish average.