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Andalusian companies Checktobuild and Scoobic compete in the Top 100 of the World Entrepreneurship Cup

October 14, 2021
Andalusian companies Checktobuild and Scoobic compete in the Top 100 of the World Entrepreneurship Cup

Checktobuild, a technology startup from Malaga dedicated to offering an autonomous control and inspection service for construction and industrial projects through an artificial intelligence web platform, and Scoobic Urban Mobility, dedicated to the design and manufacture of electric vehicles adapted to urban environments to optimise the time and costs of the so-called “last mile” of people and goods, are the two Andalusian companies that are among the 100 best in the world, after being selected among the 300 projects that won the national competitions of the countries that have participated in the Entrepreneurship World Cup, after having followed an online acceleration programme.

The selection of these startups as two of the top 100 in this competition, which is the world’s largest entrepreneurship competition, will allow them to benefit from global training in entrepreneurship and to opt to be among the 25 companies that on 16 November will be in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where they will participate in an immersive ‘boot camp acceleration programme at the University and will present their projects at the Global Demo Day-Pitch, where the global winner and the four beneficiaries of the million dollars in prizes will be chosen.

The winning project will receive half a million dollars and the rest will be shared between the second and third runner-up, with an additional special prize for a social entrepreneurship project, all of which will be equity-free.

The two Andalusian companies now competing to represent Spain in the global final have been supported by the Andalusian Regional Government. Specifically, Checktobuild has been supported by the Andalusian Centre for Entrepreneurship (CADE) that Andalucía Emprende (a foundation under the Ministry of Employment, Training, and Self-Employment) has in Marbella (Malaga), and Scoobic Urban Mobility by the CADE of Dos Hermanas (Seville), has also been one of the five winners of Startup Andalucía Roadshow, the largest startup competition in Andalusia, promoted by the Ministry of Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities.

The Entrepreneurship World Cup 2021 (EWC) is the world’s largest competition and accelerator for entrepreneurs that aims to help them maximise their full potential through access to training, networking, and funding, among other key resources. Created in 2019 by GEN (Global Entrepreneurship Network), MISK Global Forum, and tGELF (The Global Education & Leadership Foundation), it has the collaboration of GEN Spain, the Zakut Innovation Hub, and multiple public and private ecosystem partners from the Spanish ecosystem, including the Government of Andalusia.

In addition to the $1 million for the global winners, the Entrepreneurship World Cup distributes $75 million in technological benefits among all participating projects, which also have access to a global community of entrepreneurship.