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Dantia: The Andalusian technology company that faces challenges with talent

February 27, 2021
Dantia: The Andalusian technology company that faces challenges with talent

Dantia was born in 1996 in Andalusia as a technology company, with the vocation of providing innovative Internet services that were beginning to appear at that time. “Those were exciting times and very hard work, until in 2001 we closed an important national technological outsourcing agreement for most of the country’s press and magazine distribution companies, which was a turning point in Dantia” says Ignacio Martínez, the company’s Communications Director.

As a result of this agreement, Dantia created the most important private data centre in Andalusia, prepared to meet the growing demands of high availability of its customers. “All this experience and the constant evolution of cloud services led us in 2011 to another important milestone: Developing a new platform under the umbrella of cloud technology, to provide a multitude of ICT services in the cloud previously only accessible to large corporations”.

Dantia currently has 42 employees and offices in Seville, Jerez, Malaga and Madrid. The current crisis of COVID-19 causes some uncertainty, but Dantia considers the digital reconversion as a necessary and expected factor for the productive framework. “We believe that investment in technology by companies is going to skyrocket and we have the best possible infrastructure to meet this demand”.

Therefore, the company faces this situation with moderate optimism, “thanks to the technology that has allowed us to face the challenges with guarantees and the great talent that we have in a great team of professionals, which in addition to a great training, brings a great passion for the challenge of putting all their talent at the service of an exciting and ambitious project”.

What differentiates Dantia from other companies in the field of technology, especially in the cloud ecosystem, is that “most of them are usually very product-oriented and do not contemplate or support their technological offer with few services”. At Dantia, they are 100% customer oriented, mainly companies and professional firms, and the services they demand in their daily work, but they also have nothing to envy in terms of the technology that supports our cloud platform and the services we offer on it. With this we can affirm that our service offer is adapted to the needs of the client and we support it with state-of-the-art infrastructures and technological tools to be more competitive.

Another feature that Dantia add to the above, and that makes companies choose them, is that the customer always knows the investment they have to make and the cost of the services every month. There are no surprises. Transition to the cloud is very safe and above all without surprises.

Dantia works around five main areas; Cloud and DataCenter, Cybersecurity, Enterprise Software, Business Consulting and Smartcity Wifi. They offer “a 360º prism” of action to companies, from Cloud IaaS Services, ERP SaaS Software, Hosting, Housing, ERP-integrated App’s, Web Development and Hosting, to Wifi Infrastructures or Streaming Services, among many others.