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Government of Andalusia gives its awards on the day of the region

February 28, 2021
Government of Andalusia gives its awards on the day of the region

The president of the Government of Andalusia (Junta de Andalucía), Juanma Moreno, presented the Medals of Andalusia this February 28, as well as the Manuel Clavero Arévalo award and the recognition as Favourite Son to the singer Raphael.

Moreno called for unity throughout Andalusian society for the social and economic reconstruction of the autonomous community after the pandemic. He said “Only united do we have the necessary strength to win”. He also considered that this Day is a call for hope and an appeal to the confidence of Andalusians themselves to “rise up again” for a promising future.

He underlined the humanity, art, professionalism and exemplary career of the Andalusian Day award winners. Of all of them, he declared that they are representatives of Andalusian talent. “We award the Medals of Andalusia to projects that enlighten and ennoble our land, uniting forces and wills to improve society”.

The title of Favourite Son of Andalusia is the highest distinction awarded by the Regional Government of Andalusia to a person whose cultural, scientific, social, political or economic work or actions have benefited Andalusia in an extraordinary and exemplary manner. This year it was the turn of singer Raphael.

Among the other award winners are the National Federation of Self-Employed Workers’ (ATA) chaired by Lorenzo Amor, the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC), the comedy duo Los Morancos and the Granada Football Club.

Juanma Moreno thanked the responsible, supportive and exemplary attitude of the Andalusian people since the beginning of the pandemic. He also thanked the health professionals and teaching staff for their work during these twelve months and expressed his regret for the loss of loved ones as a result of COVID-19.