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Nearly 5,000 new companies were created in Andalusia last August

September 16, 2021
Nearly 5,000 new companies were created in Andalusia last August

The number of registered companies in August 2021 in Andalusia amounted to 235,477, registering a growth of 2.1% compared to the same month in 2020. This is equivalent to 4,865 more entities. These data come from the Weekly Economic Observatory of the Junta de Andalucía presented by the Government of Andalusia.

Considering the size of the companies, the largest relative increase occurs in those with 100 to 249 workers, with an increase of 7.8% compared with the same month of the previous year; and the smallest in the 50 to 99 employees bracket, with 1.1%. However, in absolute terms, the largest increase occurred in the 1 to 2 employee bracket, with 2,243 more companies than in the same period of the previous year.

According to the sector of activity to which the companies belong, the sharpest growth in relative terms occurred in the sectors of information and communications (7.1%), supply of electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning (6.7%), and artistic, recreational and entertainment activities (6.4%). In addition, the segments that decreased compared to the same period of the previous year were activities of extraterritorial organisations and bodies (-5.9%) and activities of households as employers of domestic personnel and as producers of goods and services for own use (-2.1%).

On the other hand, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose by 0.5% in Andalusia during August compared to the previous month, with the year-on-year rate rising to 3.3%. This rise is identical to that recorded in the national context, which also recorded an increase of 0.5% in this period compared with the previous month and a year-on-year rise of 3.3%.