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No, we are not just sun and beaches!

March 7, 2021
No, we are not just sun and beaches!

You might be right to think that this is all we have to offer since for years, it was the most known selling point for Málaga. Yes, we deserve it, its own name says it; “Cost of the Sun” but thank goodness, we were able to change through the years. Fine, we have the good weather, no credit for this, but we certanly could be proud to offer a city with culture and history. Yes, we have all that and we are ready to show you.

In fact, let´s be honest, Málaga´s beaches are not, by any means the best in Andalucía. We all know that no beach in Andalusia could ever compete with those of Cadiz. Yes, we have the microclimate, the amazing weather almost 360 days per year, but that´s it. If you are looking for 24/7 amazing beach experience and nothing else, Málaga is not for you.

The boom of the Costa del Sol was during the 70’s and it was thanks to Torremolinos, Benalmadena, Marbella and some other area that helped positioning Málaga in the tourism map. Now, there is much more that these Málaga´s `sun and beaches´ that we must promote, make visible and shout out. Malaga is culture, vanguard and progress.

Only as a small example for what we have to offer. 40 museums in total we have, 40 which includes some as important as the Centre Pompidou which opened in 2015 and offers a tour of the art of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries with approximately seventy paintings. The Picasso Museum and his birthplace, the Russian Museum or the incredible Automobile and Fashion Museum. These are just a few examples to consider when we speak about Málaga and what is there to offer.

The Picasso Museum

As a matter of fact, few days ago it was announced that in 2022, Málaga will be home of the fourth largest planetarium in the world, and two of the most luxury hotel chains will open their hotels in the next two years. Yes, we need to attract that quality tourism that is looking for culture and innovation since we have so much to offer and is there for you to take advantage. We certainly are prepared to offer all these.

We should be proud of all these and know how to transmit it to the outside world. We have a lot to offer and we are striving to achieve it.

Málaga, not just a pretty tanned face, it is also an intelligent and well-educated lady come to meet her.