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Renault Group has chosen Seville as the site for its only hybrid gearbox production centre in the world

December 3, 2022
Renault Group has chosen Seville as the site for its only hybrid gearbox production centre in the world

Renault Group has inaugurated in Seville, Andalusia, its only hybrid gearbox production centre in the world. This factory is also the model for an innovative circular economy project that is unique in Spain for recycling and renewing vehicles and components, prolonging their life, and reducing pollution.

The President of the Government of Andalusia, Juanma Moreno, said that Renault’s commitment places Seville and Andalusia at the forefront of the new era of mobility. Together with the Minister of Industry, Trade, and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, Moreno attended the inauguration of Refactory Seville and the presentation of the Renault Group España Foundation Awards. There he stressed that Andalusia, with the help of a world-leading firm in the automotive industry, has become the vanguard of this transformational process in terms of sustainability and respect for the environment to which society as a whole is called.

The president thanked the Renault Group for the trust it has placed in Andalusia and Andalusian talent, while recognising the work of the winners of these awards, highlighting their determination and ability to do important things for the future. “These awards are an incentive and a motivation for all those who work and do commendable work”. In this sense, he pointed out that this is a milestone that adds to the steps that the Andalusian community is taking as part of the Green Revolution, including the approval of the Circular Economy Law, which is the most ambitious and comprehensive in the country.

The Andalusian president stressed the role that the administrations must play in making things easier for the business and productive fabric in the best possible way by removing obstacles, and administrative procedures, eliminating bureaucracy that hinders economic development, lowering the tax burden, and supporting decisions in the business sphere.