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Special show for the Day of Andalusia at the Royal School

February 28, 2021
Special show for the Day of Andalusia at the Royal School

The Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art put on a special show to commemorate the Day of Andalusia, which is celebrated on February 28. The event has been broadcast on streaming.

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The unique show, “How the Andalusian Horses Dance”, is an equestrian ballet accompanied by quintessential Spanish music and 18th century styled costumes, all put together and choreographed using movements based upon Classical Dressage, Doma Vaquera (country-style riding) and traditional equestrian chores. Each show consists of between six and eight different choreographies, with the same degree of difficulty and entertainment value and scheduled by the school according to the following repertoire: Doma vaquera, Classical dressage, Carriage driving, Work in hand and Caroussel.

In Doma vaquera skills, the horseman rides his horse around the arena using only one hand, first trotting and later galloping: Changing the rhythm and then performing pirouettes and arreones (breaking into a gallop).

‘The Colts’, ‘Airs on Horseback’, ‘Pas de Deux’ “Passage and Piaffe”, “Domino on Horseback”, “Airs above the ground” and “Fantasy”, are just a few of the coreographies which make up the repertoire of the performance. Horses carry out advanced equestrian exercises to pieces of classical music that accompany them while they perform in the arena.

Horses also demonstrate their abilities by drawing carriages. These horse-drawn carriages were originally used for transport but are now relegated to sport and exhibitions, using classical harness and driven by coachmen, who dexterously demonstrate this exciting skill

When the horse also obeys its rider even when the horseman is not in the saddle by carrying out classical Haute École dressage exercises such as levades, caprioles, courbettes, piaffe (between pillars), the Spanish walk and long reins… It’s called Work in hand.

Then, in a Caroussel there is a Group of horses and riders in unison, perform advanced equestrian exercises in the arena to provide a most fitting end to the performance.