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The Government of Andalusia designs a map of opportunities using big data to strengthen international businesses

August 13, 2021
The Government of Andalusia designs a map of opportunities using big data to strengthen international businesses

The Strategy for the Internationalization of the Andalusian Economy 2021-2027, which has an initial allocation of 618 million euros, will provide Andalusian SMEs with a map of internationalization opportunities to guide their promotional actions and detect new trade relations that strengthen their business.

The ‘EIEA 21-27’ doubles the investment of the previous planning and has been designed by the Andalusian Government to generate in the Andalusian economy the mechanisms that allow in these seven years to increase exports by 65%, reaching 45. 800 million euros; reach 32% more regular exporting companies, to reach 7,620 companies; increase by 38% employment linked to internationalization, to reach 459,469 jobs and reach 1,065 million euros of foreign direct investment in Andalusia in 2027, 38% more than that recorded in 2020.

Thus, this planning is committed to increasing Andalusia’s presence in foreign markets, offering a map of business opportunities to companies; boosting promotional actions with a market focus; projecting the image of Andalusia and its sectors to the world; stimulating a permanent international presence abroad, and promoting sustainability and corporate social responsibility policies; all with the participation and assistance of Extenda.

Specific internationalization programs have also been planned for strategic sectors for the Andalusian economy, such as aerospace, energy, culture, and tourism, with specific marketing actions for the Andalusia brand. In addition, actions will be carried out in the agri-food sector, fundamental in the Andalusian export bill, such as support programs for the wine sector, promotion of quality food in the EU, and support services for the commercialization of fisheries and aquaculture.

Among the measures included in the EIEA are tools to stimulate and transform the companies to project Andalusia and its productive sectors in the international community. The focus will be on European R&D calls, European partners, international territorial cooperation programs, or specific plans for the promotion of territories such as the Internationalization of the Alentejo-Algarve-Andalusia region. A communication plan will also be developed in foreign markets for the execution of campaigns to support promotional actions to transmit the attractions of Andalusia, building its identity abroad in the economic, cultural, social, scientific, and technological fields.

To stimulate a permanent international presence abroad, the International Andalusian Hubs program will also be developed, to provide firms with a temporary commercial headquarters in a geographical area to support their consolidation in the market, as a prior step to an establishment with their structure.