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The guitar and his art

February 26, 2021
The guitar and his art

The classical or Flamenco guitar is one of the most recognised symbols of flamenco. This pure art unites singing and dancing with rhythm and time, thanks to the instruments that accompany it. A good flamenco show is always accompanied by the strumming of the flamenco guitar.

The history of the flamenco guitar is relatively new, in fact, this instrument was a late addition to this musical genre. At the beginning of the 20th century it was integrated into the flamenco palos (forms) by Ramón Montoya Salazar, considered the first revolutionary in technique and harmony.

Montoya’s legacy is present in artists such as Manolo de Huelva, Sabicas and Diego El Gastor, among others. Later, Paco de Lucía would become one of the most acclaimed guitarists on the flamenco scene, fusing Andalusian art with rock and jazz.