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Uganda: A country of opportunities for Andalusian companies

April 2, 2021
Uganda: A country of opportunities for Andalusian companies

Andalusian companies in Uganda have registered rapid growth thanks to the increase in economic activity in sectors such as construction, infrastructure, and agriculture, which have specific development programmes promoted by the Ugandan government. In March, Extenda organised a trade mission with the participation of five Andalusian companies: Luxeapers, Hiansa, Emporio Granada, Cotexa Alcalaína and Irritec Iberia.

Andalusian exports to Uganda in the past year 2020 reached 304 thousand euros, registering an increase of almost three times more than the previous year (+288%), with a coverage rate of 78%; positioning it as the sixth most exporting community to this country.

Uganda is the third-largest economy in the East African Community. It is behind Kenya and Tanzania, with a GDP of 32,590 million euros in 2019, according to World Bank data.

This African country has prospects for the future because, in addition to the benefits of the oil fields, has the development of the economic programme ‘Vision 2040’ by the Ugandan government, which aims to turn the country into an advanced industrial economy by 2040.