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Fields in Andalusia are now caring for by 5G drones

March 22, 2021
Fields in Andalusia are now caring for by 5G drones

Some areas of Andalusia are already working with drones and 5G technology to fumigate fields. That news has been advanced by the Invertia portal of El Español.

There are farmers who are enjoying these technological services. Almost a year ago, the Andalusian Regional Government, through the Regional Ministry of Economy, Knowledge, Business and University, and in collaboration with the company Vodafone, launched the initiative Impulso al 5G Andalucía, whose first innovation challenge was precisely the intelligent application of phytosanitary products with drones in real time.

This approach is dedicated to improving crop protection through the detection and intelligent treatment of pests. The winning proposal was that of the consortium formed by the companies Agrosap and Corteva Agriscience, together with different universities through the Athos 5G project.

The overall objective of the project is to develop a working prototype of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with 5G connectivity for real-time intelligent crop protection, Agrosap explains.

Besides, the data collected by the sensors will be sent in real-time to a cloud platform thanks to the bandwidth provided by the 5G network. On the platform’s servers, proprietary algorithms and computer vision techniques will be applied to detect and quantify the affected areas in the crops.