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Novel ‘A la velocidad de la noche’ will be a film

February 26, 2021
Novel ‘A la velocidad de la noche’ will be a film

Womack Studios will adapt the novel ‘A la velocidad de la noche’ (‘At night speed’) by the writer Montiel de Arnáiz, who will also write the screenplay. The film will be directed by José Escudier, director and creator of ‘Camarón: De La Isla al mito’, the first Spanish documentary series broadcast by Netflix since its creation.

Stories of corruption, violence, secrets and revenge follow one after the other based on a case of police negligence inspired by real events, a strange suicide that occurred in the 1960s. All this is mixed up in the novel, a vibrant thriller with references to the films of Alfred Hitchcock and Quentin Tarantino. ‘A la velocidad de la noche’ “is a fast-paced, violent novel that hybridises noir with crime and lawyer novels and that spreads a feminist message and, at the same time, acidly criticises prostitution and the white slave trade”, as its author has defined it.

Montiel de Arnáiz (Cádiz, 1977) is a lawyer and writer and has published other books such as ‘Bulerías nazis’, ‘Leyenda de juglares’, and ‘El mordisco de Tyson’. In April, his latest novel,’ Juicio Letal’, a legal thriller that continues the plot of ‘A la velocidad de la noche’ will be on sale.

On his part, José Escudier is making his debut in directing a work of fiction after directing the Camarón series and participating in other important documentary projects.