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Chumino, Guarrito & Aliquindoi – Thank you for these words, we love them!

February 28, 2021
Chumino, Guarrito & Aliquindoi – Thank you for these words, we love them!

Let me start by telling you that it is essential to separate these three words with a comma. 

If we don’t do so, they become somehow, an unfortunate sentence ¨Aliquindoi Chumino Guarrito¨ therefore, we prefer to speak about them separately, one by one to avoid misunderstandings. 

Now that we have that clear, I will inform you that they are typical slang words use in Málaga as well as some other cities of Andalucía, but its origins go back to seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Great Britain.  Yes, you gave us these wonderful words and we absolutely love you for this! 

Let’s take word by word and of course, we´ll start with CHUMINO (ladies always first).

Assuming that you are not aware of the meaning, let me just inform that it refers to that female part of the body that we, women and men, treasure very deeply, yes, so deeply. 

It all comes back to that time when the British sailors arrived to the coast of Málaga and Cádiz and where welcomed by these ladies of, let’s say distracted moral. 

The sailors wanted to make sure that they were cleaned enough (yeah, right) so they asked them to lift their dresses by saying “Show me now”. This practice was quite common and the locals became so used to these words that everyone from Málaga began to believe that “show me now” was the English word for vagina. Therefore, they adapted this to the Spanish language as Chouminou which latter became chumino and let me tell you that this wonderful slang word is now in use all over Spain.  

Something similar happened with ALIQUINDOI. It was about the same time and sailors who came to our coasts and were very keen to teach us new things. In a way of communicating, they repeated “look and do it” and there we go again… we adapted those words and now a days, when we want someone to pay special attention to us we say “Hey, aliquindoi” and I think it is beautiful, don´t you? 

Last but not least, we have GUARRITO. It is one of these words that if you hear someone saying it, you know he or she is 100% from Málaga. The other two mentioned before, chumino and aliquindoi, somehow got exported to the rest of Andalucía and even all of Spain, but this one is only from Málaga. 

The correct translation for the word guarrito is either a small pig or someone who is dirty, but in this case, it has nothing to do with what we, in Málaga understand when someone says guarrito. 

We use the word “guarrito” for an electric drill and it´s named after the English brand of this tool called Warrington.  Once again, we adapted the English word and ended up calling it “guarrito”.

There is also one other word that we transformed and adopted from the French and it is “merdellón” but… we are not here to talk about French right now, aren’t we? Maybe some other day I will tell you more. Let´s keep it in between Málaga, Andalusia, Spain and UK for the moment, we make a perfect match and the proof is all the very useful words that became part of our culture thanks to you.