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The Government of Andalusia incentivises self-consumption of energy with €37.3 million

May 18, 2021
The Government of Andalusia incentivises self-consumption of energy with €37.3 million

The Government of Andalusia has launched the financing of the Programme for the Sustainable Energy Development of Andalusia, co-financed with ERDF funds. It will have a budget of 37.3 million euros earmarked for photovoltaic installations for self-consumption, solar thermal systems for processes, or advanced solutions for energy generation with renewable energies.

The Regional Minister of Finance and European Funding recalled the commitment of the Andalusian Government, through the Green Revolution it is carrying out. He defends that the new energy model is carbon neutral and more efficient. In this context, the self-consumption of renewable energies is considered a clean and efficient technology that allows to reduce the energy bill and be more respectful with the environment.

“These incentives, which we are providing with funds for the second time during this legislature, will strengthen the business and industrial fabric linked to the energy sector, mostly small and medium enterprises, and will strengthen the policies of sustainable construction, self-consumption, and demand management by consumers”, said Juan Bravo.

Bravo visited Textil Rental, a perfect example of energy efficiency improvement. This company annually processes four million kilos of linen, mainly from the hotel, health, and catering sector, with annual electricity consumption of 1,400 MWh; a significant electricity cost that led it to introduce energy efficiency measures to reduce its bill.

Thanks to incentives from the Andalusian Energy Agency, they have been able to invest 330,000 euros in two photovoltaic installations for self-consumption, with an annual electricity production of 349,400 kWh and saving on their energy bill of around 30,000 euros per year.