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Two Andalusian cities, Sevilla and Malaga, between the Top 30 less polluted cities in the world

March 16, 2022
Two Andalusian cities, Sevilla and Malaga, between the Top 30 less polluted cities in the world

According to the report published by the nonprofit Berkeley earth, Sevilla is the city with the lowest pollution index in Spain, the 21st in the world ranking, followed by Malaga occupying the 29th position out of 40

Andalusia clearly leads this ranking of less polluted cities with Sevilla being the fourth in Europe. The report elaborated by the independent American nonprofit Berkeley earth is based on data of the last year on cities around the whole globe exceeding 250.000 inhabitants which have real time monitoring systems of air quality. Their study analyzed various factors such as air quality index (AQI) and the amount of particles in suspension of less than 2.5 microns per cubic meter (PM 2.5). Taking these parameters into account, Spain is the EU country with most cities included (four) where the two Andalusian cities appear to be leading. Compared to other similar regions in southern Europe, Andalusia has no competitor as the only other city of this area is Florence (Italy), appearing in the 37th position, right after Bilbao, also in Spain.

The development of efficient and sustainable public transport networks in both cities seems to be showing effects on their carbon footprint. The predominantly good weather in the region and the plain geography in both cities favoring the use of public transport helping the commitment of local administrations in the task of reducing pollution. Sevilla is currently expanding their public transport infrastructure with an additional line for its electric tramway connecting the city center and the upcoming construction of a third subway line. The aim of these projects also includes a reduction of traffic lanes in some big avenues, gaining space for peasants and bike lanes. 

The environmental perspective is an essential aspect for any city pursuing to be taken as an example of modern development nowadays. Safeguarding air quality is important not only to prevent health problems but also to provide an attractive atmosphere for visitors. Taking a overall look to the ranking, three Australian cities are in the top three positions, followed by the American Honolulu (being USA the country with more cities in the list). The third prominent country is Canada with two other cities in the top ten. With the 2030 agenda developed by the EU in mind, where the distribution of European NextGen funds play a leading role, Andalusia has the chance to work on eco-friendly projects which will design the industrial and economic landscape of the region in the years to come. An extraordinary opportunity to improve positions in this ranking which can put Andalusian cities on the spot as an example of sustainable development.