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Andalusia distributes AstraZeneca vaccine to 55-65 year olds

April 1, 2021
Andalusia distributes AstraZeneca vaccine to 55-65 year olds

The Regional Ministry of Health and Families of the Government of Andalusia has started this week to vaccinate against COVID-19 with AstraZeneca the general population between 55 and 65 years.

It has begun by summoning professionals belonging to the essential groups of education and security forces, prison officers, firefighters, etc. who are also being vaccinated with this preparation of the University of Oxford.

On Wednesday 24 March, Andalusia resumed vaccination with AstraZeneca following the decision taken by the Ministry of Health to resume the administration of this vaccine and to extend its authority to 65 years of age, an indication that Andalusia had been requesting since the vaccine’s arrival in Spain.

The vaccination of this age group with AstraZeneca is in addition to that currently in force with Pfizer, which is being administered to people over 80 years of age, the elderly, and those in health and social care, and Moderna, which is also being administered to health and elderly people.

In total, Andalusia is receiving 99,450 doses of Pfizer (which will be received this Monday), 56,800 doses of Moderna, and 20,000 doses of AstraZeneca, which are in addition to the existing doses that were accumulated during the nine-day stoppage.