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Andalusia launches a new plan to reduce waste based in circular economy

April 8, 2021
Andalusia launches a new plan to reduce waste based in circular economy

The Government of Andalusia has approved a decree regulating the new ‘Plan against waste: Towards a Circular Economy in the 2030 Horizon’. It is the third pillar in Andalusia’s transition to a circular economy, together with the Andalusian Climate Action Plan and the Andalusian Circular Economy Law. Among its objectives are those set by the European Union in this area for 2035, highlighting the reduction of materials in landfills.

The decision to unify waste planning represents a significant simplification, in administrative procedures for approval, revision, and monitoring.

Among the main new features of the plan is the separate collection of bio-waste, the preparation centres for reuse, and attention to the growing presence of plastic waste on the coast. Besides, resources will be strengthened to improve the management of agricultural waste and technical innovation in municipal waste recovery and disposal facilities.

In this commitment to the circular economy, innovation and industrial symbiosis also are important. It also aims for recyclability and material recovery through eight general objectives, 68 specific objectives and 160 action measures.

This plan will make it possible to achieve the targets set out in European standards for municipal waste, both for the years 2025 and 2030 and for the final milestone in 2035, which aims for a maximum of 10% landfill and a minimum of 65% preparation for reuse and recycling. Agricultural waste, construction and demolition waste, and sludge from urban wastewater treatment plants are also relevant waste streams in this plan.