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‘Somos Emprende Network’ attracts more than 7,500 participants

August 26, 2021
‘Somos Emprende Network’ attracts more than 7,500 participants

Somos Emprende Network, the first collaborative platform for entrepreneurship of the Andalucía Emprende Foundation, has exceeded 7,500 participants after almost a year and a half of existence and has received 1.9 million visits. This collaborative network has positioned itself as a benchmark at national level, offering the entrepreneurial community contrasted information and useful resources, as well as the possibility of exchanging experiences among its users.

In these months of the platform’s existence, 16,222 resources have been shared and 552 conversation forums have been created in which some 3,500 of the currently registered users actively participating.

In addition, through this initiative, the members of this community have, just one click away, a specialised business advice service to help them get the most out of their business, through the ‘Digital Services of Andalucía Emprende’. Thanks to this, the way of reaching entrepreneurs is extended to offer them an agile, personalised, and specialised response.

Somos Emprende Network’ also offers a meeting point thanks to its conversation forums, where information can be shared, as well as a calendar to keep up to date with the most relevant events in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The director of Andalucía Emprende, Rosa Siles, stressed that “the ‘Somos Emprende Network’ platform is part of the Foundation’s digital transformation strategy to offer the entrepreneurial ecosystem useful, agile tools adapted to current needs”.

Together with the digital community ‘Somos Emprende Network’, Andalucía Emprende has launched other services such as the digital television channel or the Reinicia programme, which aims to take a further step in our commitment to entrepreneurs and the self-employed to respond to the new customer and market needs that have arisen as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Andalucía Emprende is a public foundation attached to the Regional Ministry of Employment, Promotion, and Self-Employment, which works comprehensively to help entrepreneurs and self-employed people to carry out their projects. It is worth mentioning that the ‘Reinicia’ initiative was recently nominated at the World Summit of the Information Society Awards as one of the five best programmes in its category.