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Andalusia attends World Travel Market confident of achieving full recovery by 2022

November 5, 2021
Andalusia attends World Travel Market confident of achieving full recovery by 2022

The President of the Government of Andalusia, Juanma Moreno, and the Vice President and Regional Minister of Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration, Juan Marín, have pointed out this week, during the inauguration of the Andalusia pavilion at the World Travel Market in London, that this community is ready and fashionable to attract foreign investment, continue to attract tourists and achieve full economic recovery in the field of tourism in 2022 to generate greater possibilities in the field of progress, employment and welfare.

During his speech, Moreno highlighted the fact that in this time of recovery in which we find ourselves, Andalusia is leading tourism in Spain and recognised the great work of resistance that tourism companies have done to recover their activity, a path which, he said, “has been hard, but which has had a great ally in the form of the Andalusian Government”.

In this way, he explained that this has been seen in the 20% increase in the buildability of hotels to help these establishments to recover after the serious impact of the pandemic.

In this regard, he explained that the pandemic has led to a review of the tourism model to optimise it further, and to this end, initiatives have been launched to promote digitalisation and new technologies, apply Big Data and open up spaces for new products such as wine tourism, underwater tourism, and astro-tourism.

Andalusia occupies the first position in the Spanish ranking by volume of travellers staying in hotel establishments, surpassing Catalonia for the first time, and that everything is also done by generating employment, since in September it was the community with the highest growth in absolute numbers of jobs in the tourism sector with 26,078 new registrations.

The fact that Andalusia is the leader in vaccination, with 91% of the target population vaccinated, has had a lot to do with this. “We have vaccinated more than other EU countries. This government wants to send a message of confidence and stability to those who come to visit us because they can rest assured that we have done our homework.

Moreno, who emphasised that Andalusia is a land of opportunities that is unfolding its full potential, stressed that the reformist agenda that the Andalusian government is carrying out is increasing confidence and certainty, something that investors value positively. The President of the Junta made specific reference to British investors and the fact that the United Kingdom has been the main investor in Andalusia in 2020, the fifth export market of Andalusia, being the third community in exports to the United Kingdom for a value of 1,968 million euros. Andalusia attends World Travel Market confident of achieving full recovery by 2022