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Andalusia reached 22,294 exporting companies in 2020, third best figure in history despite the pandemic

July 29, 2021
Andalusia reached 22,294 exporting companies in 2020, third best figure in history despite the pandemic

Andalusia recorded 22,294 exporting companies in 2020, its third-best figure since records began to be kept (1995). These data have been provided by Extenda.

With these figures, Andalusia was positioned as the fourth region with the highest number of exporting companies despite the COVID-19 pandemic, representing 11.7% of the national total (196,118). In the case of regular exporting companies, the region was also in fourth place, this time representing a similar percentage, 10.5%, of the national total (55,133).

Thanks to the drive of the Andalusian export network, the autonomous community represents one of the most exporting regions in Spain, as in 2020 Andalusia’s exports reached almost 28,000 million euros, with a record in the trade balance, contributing 3,159 million euros of positive balance. This is thanks to the efforts of Andalusian firms, which in 2020 maintained their export pulse, facing exceptional global circumstances with strength.

The provinces of Seville, Cadiz, and Malaga were leaders in the number of regular exporting companies, although five provinces recorded record figures in 2020 and another two achieved their second-best result in history, thanks to significant growth.

As for the most exporting sectors, the Extenda report indicates that almost two-thirds of Andalusian regular exporters sold industrial and technology products, with the historical figure of 3,660 companies, 1.2% more than the previous year.

Regular exporters of consumer goods and beverages also grew. Meanwhile, companies exporting agri-food products remained practically unchanged from the previous year, with their second-best figure ever, although their exports increased, reflecting the dynamism of the sector.

Regular exporters of industrial products and technology companies totalled 3,660 (63% of the total) with 1.2% more than in 2019. Likewise, consumer goods firms reached the figure of 1,330, 23% of the total, and an increase of 1.7%; and regular beverage exporting companies rose to 181 (3.1% of the total) with an improvement of 9.7%. In the case of agri-food companies, the figure of 1,623 regular companies (28.1% of the total) was their second record, these firms increased their sales by 0.6% to 10,216 million euros, more than a third of the total (37%).

Europe is the continent with the highest number of regular Andalusian exporters, with 3,298 companies, while Oceania is where the greatest growth has been observed.