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Biznaga, Gift of God

March 15, 2021
Biznaga, Gift of God

The most typical flower of Malaga does not need water, nor sun, nor does it have to be planted in the ground, and oh, well surprise… it is not even a flower, but you could admire it, certainly smell it, and it will scare away mosquitoes. 

No wonder why, the Arabs named it “The Gift of God” the Biznaga.  

100% handmade, the process of creating this special symbol takes a year. From early winter and throughout the spring, what is called “nerdo” is harvested to become the structure of the “biznaga”. The nerdo is left to dry during these months and is given a rounded shape so that later and when the “royal jasmine” is about to bloom but still has the flower closed, it is cut and one by one and all by hand, they are placed on the sticks of the nerdo, creating a beautiful noflower.  


The gentlemen that elaborate and sell this peculiar symbol of our city are called “biznagueros” and their dress code is; white shirt, black trousers and a red sashes around their waist. You can hear them walking around the city shouting “Vendo olor” and certainly, when they pass by your side, the trail of perfume that they leave behind is there for you to always remember.  Jaime Fernandez Pimentel, a famous artist born in Malaga, made a bronze statue in tribute to this profession and is located in one of our parks. If you take a walk around Malaga you will see it for sure.   

Now you know, if one day walking along Calle Larios, La Catedral or any of our narrow streets you want to buy that beautiful smell, look for the biznaguero and he will offer you that one biznaga prepared with his hands so you could take it home with you.