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A haven for investment

March 22, 2021
A haven for investment

The President of the Andalusian Government, Juanma Moreno, has affirmed this week that Andalusia is a safe haven for investment and for the generation of wealth, well-being and employment in the face of the “storm” that exists in other parts of Spain.

Moreno has participated in Seville at the closing of the conference of the Association of Entrepreneurs of Southern Spain (CESUR). He pointed out that we are going through the worst crisis in recent years due to the pandemic, but highlighted the stability of the Andalusian community at this time with the political earthquake that we are going through in Spain.

He also referred to some of the measures and reforms are undertaken by the Andalusian government, such as administrative simplification and tax cuts, which have raised more than 600 million euros.

The Andalusian president insists on the importance of vaccination against COVID-19. “If there are no vaccines, there can be no economic recovery, so this issue must be a priority for all administrations. When we have the vaccines we will activate a stimulus plan for the accelerated functioning of the economy. We can continue to compete and I have full confidence in Andalusia’s potential and its capacity for growth”, concluded Juanma Moreno.